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10 Oct, 2011 | Category: Support | Author: Brian

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How To Fix Windows Errors ? >> Download The Fix Here <<

For some reason I've had quite afew emails from readers over the last two weeks about their problems with Windows Errors, so if you've arrived here because you're getting the same error, then not to worry - you're not alone.

It is strange however, that so many people are having the same issue all of a sudden, so my best guess is that a recent update is the cause of things.

After speaking to afew of you that have successfully fixed this fault, it seems that there's more than one way to go about the repair and that one way works for some of you whilst another method is needed for the rest, so I've combined them both here. You won't know which group you're in until the end, but not to worry - it won't take long.

So What's The Solution?

As my more loyal readers may know, I'm good friends with Mike at and we were having a chat about this issue recently. Anyway, we came up with the following 3 step approach that should work for most of you;

Step 1:

First, we'll start with the big gun; SpeedyPC Pro. This program specializes in Windows repair. It fixes, Internet Explorer errors, ActiveX errors, Javascript and scripting errors, C++ errors, EXE/ DLL/ OCX/ INF/ VXD errors, slow sluggish behavior and tons more errors. Not to mention, fine tune your PC for maximum performance.

Here's how to use it.

Click below to download SpeedyPC Pro Installer.exe





Exe, Dll, Sys Errors


Step 2:

For some reason still unknown to us (like I said, this appears to be a new problem) over two-thirds that successfully repaired this error said they needed to Reimage their machine. Not doing this seems to make the error come back again after a restart.

The Reimage program specializes in Windows repair. It scans and diagnoses, then repairs, your damaged PC and not only fixes your Windows operating system, but also reverses the damage already done with its full database of replacement files.

Download ReimageRepair.exe Here -->


Step 3:

Now we can finally run Windows Update.

We need to make sure that Windows is up to date and has all the latest patches and updates installed. To do this we start by opening Windows Update. You can either search for 'Windows Update' in the search box at the bottom of the Start Menu or you can visit and it will automatically load it for you.

That's it, the problem should be fixed.


A Note About Your Machine

Now, as to what's causing the error on your machine, there's no way for me to know. However, using the tools above you should be able to quickly see if it can fix the problem and take appropriate action.



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Wow. I am not a professional and only know enough about DOS to screw things up…but your instructions were clear and logical and did exactly what you said. Windows is back up and running again.

Ironically though, it was my mac laptop that allowed me to find this page so I could figure out the error and (2 hours later) find your excellent directions to fix it. Many, Many thanks.
Posted by: CU


I emailed Microsoft about this (and posted on their forum,) but noone's replied with anything useful so far. Update: Found this article on Wiki about the same problem.
Posted by: Simon


Thank you!!! This saved my life - I was ready to format the drive!

Not only did it solve the boot-time bsod, but also a bsod from hiberfil.sys when hybernation was called :)
Posted by: Low Tolerance


I downloaded this program from another site, and ran the scan. I liked what I saw, so I purchased 3 keys for three machines and used it on my XP PC. It took a while, but when it was complete, the increased speed was immediately noticeable. I wonder if any of you have tried this product and what your thoughts are?
Posted by: Mary


I downloaded Microsoft's KB977562 update and and that didn't work right – I need to know a way to delete it so I can use the above method as otherwise I would probably make matters worse as I am not that computer savvy.
Posted by: Tammy


It seems that you've all had different success with fixing this issue, judging by your comments?
Posted by: John Ullman


This information was well written and very useful. It only took me 20 min. to fix the problem.

Posted by: db


Do we have to pay for all of these tools?
Posted by: Alan


^^^ Not all, only one I think Alan, but come on people, we can't expect everything for free. (Nor can we expect Microsoft to fix/patch this issue properly!) Besides, if a technician had your computer in front of them they could fix it, but they'd charge you $100+ for the privilege - so $20 is cheap in comparison..
Posted by: F. D. G.


Microsoft haven't responded to my emails about this.
Posted by: Greg C.


Not that I'm a major fan of SpeedyPC Pro, but it does get the job done.
Posted by: dave


I believe you have hit the nail on the head. Hopefully word will get out about this post and people will save themselves some headaches by getting their machine cleaned BEFORE updating.
Posted by: Chris J


Makes for entertaining reading, has Microsoft not learnt anything by now?
Posted by: leo


You just saved me a day of work and a lot of trouble!
Posted by: Casey R. Filton


We had about 4 computers in the office with this.
Posted by: Brandon


Thanks I just got a computer in with that exact problem

Posted by: Tim -


If anyone's interested, here's a video I found of a Fox news report about Reimage. (He fails to mention that you wouldn't use the software if there wasn't something already wrong with your machine.) Dur!
Posted by: anon


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